Diesel Sounds

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South American Sounds

AFE1519a, (601k) GE/ALCO "Shovel Nose"1519 on train 1205, the 18.00 departure to 25 de Agosto, leaving a small station. Currently normally at least one Loco can be found on commuter trains from Montevideo to 25 de Agosto, a 1 hour 50 minute journey for the 64 kilometres. Tuesday 2nd November 1999.

AFE1519b, (656k) GE/ALCO "Shovel Nose"1519 on train 1205, the 18.00 departure to 25 de Agosto, leaving Santa Lucia, recorded from platform. Currently normally at least one Loco can be found on commuter trains from Montevideo to 25 de Agosto, a 1 hour 50 minute journey for the 64 kilometres. Tuesday 2nd November 1999.

ENAFER652, (1463k) MLW DL560D 652 leaves a small station on train 19, the 08.00 Puno - Cuzco Huanchac. The Loco was belching black smoke out at every station. Recorded on Thursday 28th October 1999.

FV-E700, (809k) A Ferrovias G22 leaves the platform at Boulogne-sur-Mer with a Retiro General Belgrano - Villa Rosa train, recorded from the platform. The GM 12-567 engine in this type have little if any silencing and sound very throaty! Thursday 11th November 1999.

MET-A606, (509k) Metropolitano G12 A606 leaving a station on the Haedo - Temperley line, recorded from the train. The GM 12-567 engine in this type have little if any silencing and sound very throaty! Monday 1st November 1999.

MET-B820, (803k) Metropolitano ALCO RSD16 B820 pulls out of San Miguel with train 3727, the 17.04 Retiro San Martin - Jose C. Paz. Recorded from the platform. The V12 RSD is actually sounding more like a V16 at this time! Tuesday 9th November 1999.

ALCO power in Cuba

MLW FCC52405, (983k) MLW MX620 leaves Matanzas for the final section of the journey into Habana, it's on train 2, a VERY late running express from Santiago do Cuba. On a big train, thirteen carriages, pulled into Habana 12 hours 40 minutes late!! Sunday 26th April 1998.

MLW FCC52442, (799k) MLW MX620 leaves Matanzas on train 7 to Sancti Spiritus, on eight carriages. The MLW is recorded from the side of the track as it heads east. Sunday 26th April 1998.

ALCO power in Greece

ALCO A-304, (751k) DL500C ALCO A-304 leaves Thessaloniki with the mid-day train to Kozani, recorded from the footbridge out side the station. Note the surge back to power after the field transition. Friday 11th February 1994.

MLW A-451, (645k) MX627 A-451 sounds superb after a recent overhaul as it thrashes away from Paranesti station with train 604, the overnight from Piraeus, now heading east for Alexandroupoulis and Dikea. Saturday 21st February 1998.

MLW A-456, (1238k)Is it Europe's Loudest Diesel Loco? A digital recording of MLW MX627 A-456 leaving Davlia with train 500 to Thessaloniki. Note how the field divert kills the engine, then surges back to life. 19th January 1998.

MLW A-466, (346k) MX627 A-466 screams into Lianokladi on train 501 with dynamic brakes on full power, a classic feature of these tremendous Diesels. Sunday 22nd March 1998.

MLW A-504, (1241k) MX636 A-504, one of the huge 3,600 hp MLW's departs Toxote with a late running train 605 to Thessaloniki, and Athinai. The divert causes power to be briefly cut, and then surges back in. Sunday 13th October 1996.

Craiova A-551, (2152k) A large file, but a terrific action sequence of 4000hp of Romanian built DEL4000 ALCO, pouring torrents of black smoke upwards! Last part of recording is enhanced by terrific cooling fan noise. Train 603 on 16th September 1990.

Craiova A-553, (1084k) A-553, leaves Katerini in (unusually!) excellent form, accelerating away briskly with train 503, the 18.27 Thessaloniki - Athina. Friday 23rd May 1997.

ALCO A-9104, (842k) A hand held digital recording of DL537 A-9104 leaving Patras on train 304, a little bit of horn blowing, as the ALCO sets off and accelerates along the quayside. Friday 9th April 1999.

ALCO A-9108, (1394k) Narrow gauge DL537 A-9108 leaving Kalonero on train 303, heading for the coastal town of Kiparissia. The ALCO and same train will return after about 20 minutes, to continue to Athina and Piraeus. Train 309 on 27th January 1987.

ALCO power in Tunisia

SNCFT MXS624 DP-151, (1134k) MXS624S 060-DP-151 leaves Beja on the standard gauge line on train 16, the 12.05 Ghardimaou - Tunis express. As the train echoes down beside the houses, the power cuts as the field transition occurs, the surges back in again. Monday 24th January 1994.

SNCFT MLW DI-70, (984k) MX620 060-DI-70 leaves Manouba with train 29, a packed extra train from Tunis - Jendouba, formed of old DMU trailers during the Ramadan holidays. Friday 7th February 1997.

General Electric power

AMT Dash -8 510, (779k) Amtrak Dash-8 "Pepsi Can" pushes hard on the rear train 576 from Los Angeles - San Diego. Since banished from this route due to poor initial acceleration. Tuesday 30th March 1993.

AMT Genesis 839, (462k) Amtrak "Genesis" leaves Hudson station on the New York bound "Lake Shore Limited". A little bit of horn blowing, but still the noise of the big GE can be clearly heard. Tuesday 23rd May 1995.

BN B30-7B 4012, (1295k) Burlington Northern freight hammers past Haarlem Avenue, GM GP40 and GE B-30-7 booster unit are in full cry. The GE is trailing and can be initially heard in the background, the classic "chugging" of FDL12 engine slowly becomes more audible. Recorded on 18th March 1991.

MN P32 203, (857k) Metro North P32-DM "Genesis" 203 pushes train 8816 south from Garrison on its way to New York Grand Central. The excellent noise of the FDL 12 cylinder engine sounding superb as it disappears southbound. Sunday 26th October 1997.

NJT U34CH 4159, (585k) New Jersey Transit U34CH leaves Harmon Cove on train 1253, from Hoboken - Waldwick, the classic "chugging" on the big FDL16 engine is clearly audible. Recorded on 25th March 1991.

NZ U26 5074, (864k) New Zealand Rail U26C 5074 leaves Otaki with train 600 the northbound "Bay Express" from Wellington - Napier. An excellent deep "chugging" sound of the FDL engine. Surging into full power as the train goes into the distance. Tuesday 23rd March 1993.

TCDD GE 21517, (1080k) Elderly Turkish General Electric Loco revs up at Caycuma to charge the air for the brakes, and then moves off. Freight train 4253 is heading south from Zonguldak. Once used on main expresses, this class is now mainly used in this remote area on freight and local passenger work. Wednesday 2nd February 1994.

AMT Genesis 708, (1191k) Amtrak "Genesis" leaves small station on the New York bound "Adirondack" on 23 January 2001. Note the very unusual sounds coming from the loco! (Is it inverters?)

AMT Genesis 708, (1380k) Amtrak "Genesis" leaves Hudson station on the New York bound "Adirondack" on 23 January 2001. Note the very unusual sounds coming from the loco! (Is it inverters?). As the loco heads further south the noise gets louder!

EVR-1505, (962k) Former UP C36-7 9039 (now EVR - Estonian Railways 1505) leads a big oil train in Estonia on 3 September 2002.

Miscellaneous Power

CFR 610001, (409k) Romanian ALCO 61.0001 departs Oradea with train R31, the "Balt Orient Express" from Bucuresti - Berlin. Unusual for this Loco to be on this train, one of only two class 61's ever built by the Craiova factory in Romania. Tuesday 25th February 1992.

CP 1311, (676k)Whitcomb twin engined "Superior" diesel leaves Barreiro station with a mid day commuter train to the suburbs. Monday 12th September 1983.

DR 132.504, (591k) East German Russian built "Kolomna" TE109 3000hp Diesel leaves Griefswald station with southbound express D2059 to Berlin. The high pitched whine of the characteristic turbo can soon be heard after brakes release and it moves off. Recorded on 28th August 1985.

DB 232.225, (987k) Former East German Russian built "Kolomna" TE109 3000hp Diesel 232.225 (in a very old worn condition, and a few weeks before withdrawal) leaves Potsdam Stadt for Magdeburg with train RE3234. A sister loco is idling on rear of train. Sounding very "worn" before any of the modifications were carried out to quieten these locos. Wednesday 12th July 1995.

DB 232.238, (401k) Former East German Russian built "Kolomna" TE109 3000hp Diesel 232.238 can be heard "surging" loudly whilst climbing the hill between Jena West and Weimar on IR2454. Friday 3rd December 1999.

DB 232.663, (1413k) Former East German Russian built "Kolomna" TE109 3000hp Diesel 232.663 accelerates away from a signal outside Halle, the distinctive "surging" sound starts! Working in place of an Electric due to engineering works, the 232 was on double deck stock, with sister Loco 232.368 on the rear. Saturday 4th December 1999.

DB 240.001, (396k) MAK built prototype 240.001 leaves Berlin Zool Garten with IC538  bound for Hamburg. An interesting sound can be heard of the high tech Diesel as it accelerates away past the buildings. Monday 11th July 1994.

OSE V200 A-421, (527k) Former West German V200 hydraulic loco sold second-hand to Greece. It leaves Levadia with northbound train 602 "Evros". Saturday 15th February 1992.

QR GM 1551, (776k) Queensland Railways, 16-645 engined GM Diesel leaves Buranda with evening local train 3854 from Brunswick Street - Thornside.  The loco has an excellent throaty noise as it pulls the lightweight steel carriages. Tuesday 9th March 1993.

RENFE 333066, (807k) Spanish Railways Macosa built GM, 333.066 accelerates very hard away the the crossover outside A Coruņa station with a Fridays regional train to Vigo, on an impressive train of nine carriages. One of the last remaining loco hauled local trains in Spain at that time. The big unsilenced 16-645-E3 engine in full roar against the extremely poor trackwork. Friday 4th November 1994.

SRA GM 8109, (978k) Australian 16-645 engined 3000hp GM 8109 slows with a coal train, using the dynamic brakes to slow, the loco is screaming loudly. Eventually the braking is cut and the loco reduces to a gradual tickover. Sunday 28th February 1993.

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