Saint Petersburg, April - May 2002

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TEP70-0243 on train 6600 from Ivangorod - Saint-Petersburg Baltiyskiy 

TEP70-0355 on train 6663 16.31 Saint-Petersburg Baltiyskiy - Ivangorod 

TEP70-0355 at Saint Petersburg Vitebskiy with through train from Poland

TEP70-0376 at Tallinn with train 34 from Moskva Oktiabrskaia

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TEP70-0398 on train 6685 08.26  Saint-Petersburg Vitebskiy - Novgorod 

2M62-0916 passes Kupchino with 2TE116-1267 and a half 2TE116

2TE116-1267 passes Kupchino with 2M62-0916 and a half 2TE116

2TE10U-0270 passes Kupchino on a southbound freight

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ChS2T-1046 at Moskva Oktiabrskaia with train 34 to Tallinn.

Saint-Petersburg Varshavskij museum

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ALCO "copy" TE1-20-135, built in 1949.




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TEP70-0007 built to "European" loading gauge

M62-1, prototype of the large M62 family


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ChME3.001, built by CKD

Fk-07, built by Alsthom, France

ChS2.023 built by Skoda

P36-025, one of the many preserved express steam locos

Estonia, May 2002

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"M62" 1104 passes Tapa station light engine

"M62" 1106 at  Tapa depot (ex M62-1199)

"M62" 1121 inside depot at Tapa

"M62" 1129 passes Tapa on a eastbound freight

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EVR 1257 (a twin 2M62) passes Aruküla on a westbound "Link Oil" train

EVR 1268 (a twin 2M62) passes passes Aruküla on a eastbound "Link Oil" train

"2TE116" 1407 on the depot at Tapa

"2TE116" 1410 on the depot at Tapa

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EVR EMU 2305 leaves Aruküla with a local to Aegviidu

Train 34 from Moskva Oktiabrskaia arriving at Tallinn

Train 34 from Moskva Oktiabrskaia arriving at Tallinn

2TE116-1447 at Muuga off "Link Oil" train from Russia

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