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Welcome to my new photo page, here you can find high quality digital printed photos available for purshase, each photo is printed at 300 dpi on high quality Epson paper using the Epson 2100 printer. All photos (except those with grey background) are available in A3 (420 x 297 mm) and all are available on A4 paper (297 mm and 210 mm). The A3 photos can be supplied in luxury lightweight frames as shown below.

Latest updates

Updated 2 July with Alaska photos

All photos are displayed on my "FOTOPIC" site. I can supply prints of any photos on there also. Please contact me for further information.

The currently available photos are here, (new uploads are marked in blue)


06-033 at Shiroko Pole

07-035 at Thessaloniki

07-067 near Aminteo


2062-113 at Perkovic


MAV M61-017 at Odense


DF11-0248 near Nanjing

ND5-0144 near Nanjing


31602 at Newark

37411 at Chesterfield

43076 at Wellingborough

HST at Edale

HST near Hope

55019 at Newark


2TE116-699 at Lehtse

2TE116-1548 at Lehtse

1501 at Lehtse

1515 at Lehtse


120-157 at Prenzlau

250-003 at Schwindegg


A-503 at Axios

A506+A-504 Kalindia

A-509+A-205 Tithorea

220-030 at Thessaloniki

A-9103 at Eghio

A-9109 at Eghio


M62-1230 near Vilnius

TEP70-0332 Radviliškis


TEP60-0284 at Riga

2M62-1194 at Krustpils


1938 Lisboa Oriente


TEP10-0314 at Bezlesnaya

2TE10U-0173 Petrosavodsk

Csh200-009 St Petersburg


318-012 Vigo Guixar

321-030 at Portela

333-204 Socuéllamos

333.4 at Ourense


664-112 Murska Sobota


11230 Steinen

460-079 Steinen

185-135 at Steinen

185-532+517 at Steinen

 USA (Amtrak & Alaska)

204+93+500 Naperville

Triple DL535's pass Denver

Quad GE's pass Denver

Triple DL535's near Glacier

73 passes Glacier

Triple 90s at Fraser loop

Triple DL535 at White Pass

Triple GE's at White Pass

GE+Triple DL535's White Pass

Triple GE'sat White Pass

SD70 at MP131 Anchorage

Denali Star MP131 Anchorage

3013 passes Potter

Ex F40 at MP131

4322 Seward on Coastal Classic

4322 on Coastal Classic

2807 at Portage

3007 passes Birchwood

Triple SD70 Moos Pass

Triple SD70 Moos Pass

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