Greek Railways DL500C ALCO's

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A-302 is seen at Thessaloniki, having just arrived with train 724, the 13.07 from Kozani, running about an hour late. The last operational DL500C in Greece, she returned down the branch to Kozani early the next morning. The loco is now preserved, and repainted into the very handsome old Blue and Silver livery. Photo taken on Friday 20th February 1998.

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A-303 loco is seen at Iasmos on train 613, 05.50 Dikea to Thessaloniki train. It is waiting for an IC DMU to pass on the single line. The ALCO was on this train all the way on this occasion (611km), normally a loco change would have occurred at Alexandroupoulis. Photo taken on 17th October 1995.

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A-306 is seen at Thessaloniki with the "Akropolis" express from Athina to München. The train has completed 511km of its long journey, it still has about another 30 hours to go, as it heads north through Yugoslavia and Austria, en route to Germany.

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A-308 is seen on train 614 just short of the station at Gazoras, the loco having just failed due to a loss of coolant water. The train was dragged into the station, where after replenishing the header tank the DL500 ALCO was able to continue alone to Thessaloniki. Seen on Sunday 20 October 1996.

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A-309 is seen at Thessaloniki with the evening train for Kozani (222km). At this time this was the last DL500 in the old blue livery, the loco worked to Kozani, and return early the next morning on the balancing working. Photo taken on 9th September 1990.

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A-310 in the attractive old blue livery at Thessaloniki on train 714, the mid-day train to Kozani. The ALCO was restricted to working on four traction motors, and was removed at Komanos. A-302 replaced it there and work the final stretch to Kozani. Photo taken on 17th February 1989.

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