Greek Railways MX636 MLW's

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A Picture gallery to the ten large MX636 Diesels in use on the Greek Railways. Introduced in mid 1975, fitted with Electric train heating for working heavy passenger trains on the main lines in Greece. Due to problems with interference with signaling equipment the equipment was out of use for a number of years. Only recently has A-510 and one other Loco had the equipment made operational. Two Locomotives, A502 and A-505 have suffered severe crash damage and are well beyond repair, the remains of both at at Agios Ioannis depot in Athens.

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A-501 is seen at Kozani, ready to return to Thessaloniki at the head of train 724, the 13:07 departure. Quite unusual for one of these large Locos to be used on the branch service, just at the start of the "no heat" season. Photo taken on Sunday 27th April 1997.

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A-502 was destroyed on 31st March 1987, when it collided with A-366 in a tunnel at Livera. Her heavily damaged remains sitting on a pile of wooden sleepers in the depot area at Athina Agios Ioannis. The picture was taken on February 20th 1989. The Loco has since been scrapped.

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A-503 is seen arriving at Mouries on train 613, the 06.40 Ormenio to Thessaloniki, on this day the big MX636 had worked the train throughout. The train passes the balancing working, train 614 at this station, on this occasion with Alsthom loco A-369 (behind camera), running only a few minutes late. Photo taken on Sunday 18th April 1998.

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A-504 is seen at Pireas Port station on train 604 to Ormenio. Three days before new ADtranz Diesels took over this duty, quite unusual to find a big MX636 on this train, even more unusual was the fact that it passed A-501 on the balancing southbound train during the night. A-504 was fueled at Thessaloniki, and continued with this express, but failed further into its journey. Taken on Sunday 24th May 1998.

osea-505.jpg (136828 bytes) A-505 is seen on a lengthy freight train on the Thessaloniki - Alexandroupoulis line. A very rare picture of this Loco by Artemis Klonos. It was severely damaged in an derailment at Gefira on 10th June 1989. Since then the Loco has moved to the the depot at Athina Agios Ioannis, where it remains in 2001, rusting in the weeds.
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A-506 is seen at Iasmos on train 613, the 06.40 Ormenio to Thessaloniki, on this day the big MX636 worked the train forward from Alexandroupoulis. The train is waiting for the Inter City DMU to pass, and for the drivers to swap trains. Suffering from a weak turbocharger, the A-506 still had no problems with this small train, arriving early at Thessaloniki on this long journey. Taken on Saturday 23 May 1998.

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A-507 is seen after arrival at Thessaloniki, MX627 A-451 is broken and dead inside. The large MLW's are primarily used on freight but can do passenger work in the summer, normally on routes from Thessaloniki. Although fitted with ETH (HEP) for the heating of carriages, this is not used because of interference with signals. Photo taken on Saturday 19 October 1996.

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A-508 storms out of the platform at Serres with train 604, the Athina - Ormenio express. Normally an MX627 duty, but short of power, Thessaloniki supplied one of the big MX636's instead. The loco would normally work as far as Alexandroupoulis (444km). Photo taken on Monday 14th October 1996 Photo from a negative, transferred onto CD, taken by Clive Nye.

osea-509.jpg (89878 bytes) A-509 is parked at Lianokladi station on "Thunderbird" duties, a very unusual appearance for one of the big MX636 MLW's. Normally a less powerful MX627 would be employed on this duty. Photo taken on April 20th 1998.
osea-510.jpg (62804 bytes) A-510 is seen at Agras on an eastbound early morning freight heading up the Thessaloniki - Kozani line, it was waiting for passenger trains to pass in each direction. Photo taken on 22nd May 1997.

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