Loco's at Night

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ÖBB (Austrian) class 1044 Electric Locomotive 1044.271 is seen in Germany at München Hbf with a train of empty carriages. The class has quite a large amount of work within Germany, which is in exchange for a large amount of German Locomotives active in Austria.  Picture taken on Wednesday 15th July 1998.

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Ex DSB (Danish Railways) loco MX101 is seen at København H main station on train 4084, a through Sunday evening train for Nykøbing Sj, via Holbæk. The loco is now owned by the OHJ railway. They see use on the on the Nykøbing Sj - Holbæk branch line. The picture was taken on July 3rd 1988.

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DB (German Railways) Electric Locomotive 101.074 is seen at München Hbf with an InterCity train that had just arrived and terminated. Only a few months old at that time, these ADtranz built Locos were responsible for replacing the majestic class 103 Locos from their top link duties. They are used almost exclusively on fast IC and IR services all over Germany. Wednesday 15th July 1998.

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DB (German Railways) 103.229 is seen at about 4 o'clock in the morning at Warnemünde station with the overnight express from København - Berlin Lichtenberg. This was a "fill in" diagram for one of the classic Electric Locos, being driven by Berlin drivers on a night shift. This is without a doubt one of the most interesting destinations for one of these Locos. Photo taken on 17 August 1995.

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DB (German Railways) 103.187 is seen at München Hbf with the late evening arrival with EC67 from Paris. The loco worked the train the last 242km’s from Stuttgart. Living very much the final days of its life, the 103 is still in the attractive red and cream livery, scheduled for withdrawal in July, the locomotive will soon be cut up and destroyed. Picture taken on Monday 15th March 1999.

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DB (German Railways), prototype 120 class electric loco number 120-002 stands on a lengthy train in München Hbf station. Taken in the late evening, the lights at the station give a clear atmosphere to the night time photo. Five of these prototypes were in regular service, some still are, but sometimes they also see use on various test trains. Photo taken on 20th October 1985.

DB127001.jpg (62218 bytes)

DB (German Railways), prototype 127.001 "Euro Sprinter". Seen at München Hbf after arrival with IC707, the loco worked the train the last 199km's from Nürnberg. The loco was tested in passenger service between München and Stuttgart / Nürnberg. The loco toured other rail systems shortly after its introduction, worked scheduled trains in Switzerland and Norway! Photo taken on 29 January 1995.

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DB (German Federal Railways), 218.004 prototype class 218 hydraulic loco is seen in the late evening at Nürnberg station with an evening train. Still in the original dark maroon colours. Photo taken 30th October 1985.

db218383.jpg (74667 bytes)

DB (German Railways) pair of 218 Diesel Hydraulics' are seen at München Hbf station, having just arrived with EuroCity train EC93 from Zürich. The Diesels worked the train from Lindau, having taken over after reversal there from a Swiss Electric Loco. Leading Loco is 218.383, and is in recently ex works condition and in the latest version of the DB’s red livery.   Wednesday 15th July 1998.

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SNCF French Railways, elderly electric loco CC7102 is seen at Perpignan with an evening train from Narbonne to Port Bou. The train waits with a most impressive deep blue sky in this early evening scene. Similar to the class 276 in Spain, and the 1300 in Holland, the French examples finished work in December 2001. Photo taken on 7th November 1987.

SNCF16-0.jpg (70129 bytes)

SNCF French Railways, elderly electric loco BB16023 is seen after arrival at Paris Nord station with an evening arrival from the north of France. In the old green livery, with some impressive station lighting. Photo taken on November 5th 1987.

SNF72038.jpg (61469 bytes)

SNCF French Railways, large Diesel loco CC72038 is seen after arrival at Paris Est station with an evening arrival from the south east of France. Photo taken on November 5th 1987.

mav_m61s.jpg (43965 bytes)

MÁV Hungarian Railways, two class M61 "Nohab" - Swedish built General Motors classic Diesels sit in the dark evening light at Balatonfüred station, both with trains for Tapolca, on the north side of Lake Balaton. The M61's finished regular work in 2001. Photo taken on 12 October 1993.

MAV_M63.jpg (57267 bytes)

MÁV Hungarian Railways, class M63 Diesel M63.001 is seen on 12 February 1990, after arrival in Budapest Déli station with an express from Szombathely. One of only ten Locos built, fitted with an eighteen-cylinder Ganz Pielstick engine. Most members of the class were withdrawn towards the end of the 1980's, and one in 1990 we believe.

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CP 2621 (Portuguese Railways) Electric Locomotive seen at Lisboa Santa Apolónia with train IC513, the 19.03 departure for Guarda and Covilhã. The Electric works the front portion of the train throughout to Guarda. The rear portion is detached at Entroncamento, and worked from there by a 1931 class Diesel. Picture taken on Saturday 6th February 1999.

cp-5601.jpg (55477 bytes)

CP (Portuguese Railways) 5601 at Lisboa Santa Apolónia station with Inter Regional train 829 to Porto Campanhã, due to depart at 20.05, the evening picture shows the well lit station area, and attractive lighting of the surrounding buildings behind the station. Picture taken on Saturday 8th February 1999.

re319205.jpg (45242 bytes) RENFE (Spanish Railways) Locos 319-205 and 333-029 are seen at Teruel at about 02:00 in the morning, at the head of the northbound Alicante - Bilbao and Irún overnight train Exp950/1 "Sol de Levante". The train at that time was a regular duty for a pair of Diesel Locos between Valencia and Zaragoza. 12th February 1985, taken by Paul Gash.
re321gra.jpg (71062 bytes)

RENFE (Spanish Railways) class 321 ALCO design DL500S series Locos 321-045 and 321-006 are seen at Granada on the overnight express Exp879 for Madrid. Eighty such Locos built for RENFE, some built in USA by ALCO, others built locally in Spain. Time exposure picture taken in the late evening, with impressive station lighting. Picture taken on 4th February 1986.

re321069.jpg (67797 bytes)

RENFE (Spanish Railways) 321-069 ALCO design DL500S series loco is pictured at Madrid Atocha station on an empty stock working, for the carriage sidings. One of eighty such Locos built for RENFE, some built in USA by ALCO, others built locally in Spain. Picture taken in the late evening, with impressive station lighting. Picture taken on 3rd February 1986.

ren_319s.jpg (63004 bytes)

RENFE Spanish Railways, a pair of class 319.3's wait at Medina del Campo with the northbound overnight train from Madrid Chamartín to A Coruña. The photo is taken just after midnight before the train takes the scenic route over the hills. Photo taken on 17 April 1995.

rf333031.jpg (58189 bytes)

RENFE Spanish Railways class 333 loco 333.031 is seen at Alicante on the Cartagena to Barcelona overnight train. The train reverses into the platform, before continuing north to Valencia. Macosa built the loco under a licence agreement with Nohab (Sweden) and General Motors, one of ninety-three such examples. Photo taken on 26 January 1988.

ren333-2.jpg (58009 bytes)

RENFE Spanish Railways General Motors design loco no 333.202 at Madrid Chamartín station at the head of the overnight Talgo sleeper service to Lisbon. One of the upgraded class 333 Locos, capable of 160km/h. The design for the class was taken from the Danish MZ class loco, built by NOHAB in Sweden. Photo taken on Saturday 6 April 1996.

rf352010.jpg (68020 bytes)

RENFE Spanish Railways Talgo loco 352.010 is seen at Madrid Chamartín with Talgo 125, the evening arrival from the Cartagena. The train has just passed through the eight-kilometre tunnel under the centre of Madrid. The 2000hp units are of German built design with twin Maybach MD650 engines, and hydraulic transmissions. Photo taken on 29th January 1988.

sj-714.jpg (61609 bytes)

SJ Swedish electric shunting locomotive 714 is seen at Stockholm shunting carriages for night train 876, the 22:30 departure from Storlien and Trondheim. A number of these elderly shunters can still be found in use all over the SJ network. Picture taken on Tuesday 4th May 1999.

sj-1405.jpg (60771 bytes)

SJ Swedish Rc5 electric locomotive 1405 is seen at Stockholm with night train 876, the 22:30 departure from Storlien and Trondheim. As the vast majority of the SJ is electrified this class of locomotive and the other look alike Rc 1- Rc4’s are extremely common and can be found on all locomotive hauled trains. Picture taken on Tuesday 4th May 1999.

fnm9133.jpg (108416 bytes)

FNM 9133 and 9147 are seen at México Buenavista station with the overnight train for Veracruz. The train takes about ten hours and travels via a very scenic route over the mountains. Not the most comfortable of journeys, basic standard accommodation with broken windows near the front of the train, and no form of heating for those carriages. Photo taken on Saturday 16 November 1996.

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