GE Export Loco News

Page last updated on Saturday September 08, 2001 at 20:54

Brazil: CVRD (Carajas and Vitoria) are in total receiving 12 new GE's; 8 are the 8-axle BB40-9Ws and 4 are the C44-9Ws. The Carajas units are being built at Erie now but the Vitoria units won't appear until later this year.

Colombia: Gevisa is building in their plant at Contagem (Brasil) four U18C's for Drummond Coal of Colombia. These locomotives will be finished in early 2001. Numbers will be LA013 to LA016 and they will have the 7-FDL-8 engine.

Malaysia: I believe KTM are still looking for new power, the Railway staff last year there indicated a possible order for 33 2500hp Locos. This will no doubt finish off the 39 YDM4 ALCO's on hire from IRCON in India. Apparently they are now looking at 15 AC3300 Blue Tigers. Though nothing confirmed yet.

Venezuela: Four ex Burlington Northern GE C30-7's, 5052, 5569, 5070 and maybe 5135 will be exported to Venezuela, in their cabs are stickers that say "Corporacion Venereil." These locomotives come from the plant of VMV Enterprises in Paducah, Ky.