GE Locomotives in Europe


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Two General Electric UM10B "Caterpillar" engined Locos A-224+A-221 wait at Athinai station with train 1510, the early morning train to Larissa. The picture was taken on February 21st 1989, both Locos are in the original green livery, the steam heating is leaking from the connections in this early morning photo. 

ose-a229.jpg (64940 bytes) A-229 at Bralos. Currently only A-223/4/9 remain in use, only passenger with a two return daily trains from Lianokladi - Stylis. All remaining Locos are abandoned in a poor condition at in the yards at Agios Ioannis, in Athens.


deac33_c.jpg (74964 bytes) ADtranz built prototype Loco DE33AC "Blue Tiger" was built as a demonstrator, fitted with FDL-12 engine of 3200hp. Tested on various line by the DB, it is currently used by HGK for hauling their trains over various routes in Germany.


evr-1505a.jpg (143038 bytes) A large fleet of ex US GE's (both C36-7 and C30-7A) are now in service in Estonia, lots of photos here on my Estonia GE page!!


rf308021.jpg (73148 bytes) RENFE 10821 is seen arriving at Tarragona in 1969 with a Local "Omnibus" passenger train. Now this area is all electrified, and semaphore signals are long gone! Photo from "Locomotoras Diesel II:.
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UM10B 308.011 is seen stabled at Murcia del Carmen in the bright sunshine. The small Locos were originally fitted with train heating boilers for work on lightweight passenger trains. Mainly based in central and northern Spain. Nowadays used as heavyweight shunting Locos, being rated at 1,050hp. A number are now painted in a new red and silver livery. 2nd February 1986.

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308.017 in  preserved form. This locomotive was modified during its operative life by RENFE and added air operated brake system together with vacuum brake. The locomotive belongs to Railway Museum and is hired to ARMF (Historical Rolling Stock and Locomotive Preservation Society) for preservation purposes.

en-34-35.jpg (72228 bytes)

ENSIDESA D-34 & D-35 with a train of iron ore of the public steel factory ENSIDESA in Asturias, north of Spain. This factory was sold to a private company called ACERALIA few years ago. The photo was obtained in the private line that link the factory of Avilés with the Gijón Harbour in 1995. Locos still in service. Javier Fernández

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A pair of FEVE 1500's at La Losilla station of the León - Bilbao line of FEVE, with a coal train for Guardo. One in the older red livery, the other in the new yellow livery. Photo taken on 22 August 1990 by J García Sánchez.

jop-gijon.jpg (60972 bytes) Three of the Junta de Obras del Puerto de Gijón, built by Babcock & Wilcox waiting duties in the yard of the Gijón docks. Summer 1975. Photo taken by J Aranguren.
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One of the former Ferrocarril de La Robla meter gauge 501-510 in Valmaseda (near Bilbao) in 1978 with a sand train for a glass factory. This railway was incorporated to public company FEVE (Ferrocarriles Españoles de Vía Estrecha) in 1972, and this ten locomotives renumbered 1501-1510. Still in service in the original line Léon and La Robla to Bilbao. Javier Fernández

feve1501.jpg (26367 bytes) One of the former Ferrocarril de La Robla meter gauge U10B Locos, now numbered as FEVE 1501 seen on a FEVE narrow gauge passenger train.
spain-u10.jpg (53211 bytes) A private U10B, of the Robla system.
hunosa3.jpg (67190 bytes) HUNOSA (a coal mining public company in Asturias) has two broad gauge (1668 mm) GE 44 type locomotives, built by Babcock & Wilcox in 1975, to shunting duties in the mining branches. They was numbered HUNOSA 2 and HUNOSA 3. HUNOSA 2 was scrapped in 1997. HUNOSA 3 is preserved in working order at the Asturias Railway Museum in Gijón.Javier Fernández
lang-301.jpg (20464 bytes) This locomotive was sold second hand to the Ferrocarril de Langreo (Langreo Railway) in the early sixties. It came from a USA military system in Casablanca (Morocco, North Africa). Was scraped in 1980 more or less. The Langreo railway was the only in Spain in standard gauge (1435 mm) and it has also ALCo and Henschel locomotives. Javier Fernández
nort6006.jpg (65128 bytes) An early photo of 1923 built electric locomotive Norte 6006. This type of Loco was used from 1925 to 1955 in the high gradients of the Pajares Pass, in the Norte line León - Gijón. Photo from Museum del Ferrocarril de Asturias collection.

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