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Class 242 4000hp Diesels from Stralsund

dr142001.jpg (55616 bytes) 142.001 at Ribnitz-Damgarten West on train 3159 on 6 February 1991. Due to the electrification of the Stralsund - Rostock line extra diagrams were needed. This train terminated for a bus connection further on to take passengers over the affected section.
db242002.jpg (92142 bytes) 142.002 Stralsund on D817 23 November 1990, the D train was a through service from Barth to Nordhausen. At Stralsund 132.473 was attached to the front and both locos powered south to Neubrandenburg where the 142 continued alone. The 142 was doing more work than the lead engine!
db242003.jpg (112379 bytes) 142.003 at Stralsund with local train 7103 to Neustrelitz, the train was booked a Stralsund 232 (often getting a 242) as far as Neubrandenburg, then a Neustrelitz 232 worked forward. On this occasion it was 132.647. 7 September 1991
db242004.jpg (92048 bytes) 242.004 at Stralsund on E3513 an afternoon semi-fast train to Neustrelitz, 6 August 1993. This was now very close to the end of 242's working in the Stralsund area.
db242005.jpg (56928 bytes) 242.005 Neubrandenburg with northbound semi-fast train E3508 to Stralsund. This train actually terminated at Altentreptow for a bus connection forward to Demmin due to on going electrification works, 232.647 working the section section of the train. 1 October 93

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