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232.003 is seen at Erfurt with a very early morning train to Eisenach. These trains are now hauled by electric Locos with the completion of the overhead wires throughout from Frankfurt/M and Leipzig. Fairly recently overhauled and in the dark maroon livery. Photo taken 15 March 1995.

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232.029 is seen arriving at Schwarzköllm station on RE3164, an Ortrand to Cottbus service, the loco was officially transferred from Hoyerswerda to Seddin depot in Berlin on this date. Making it a very elusive machine on passenger train duties. Still in a very faded, and un modified condition. Seen on 31 May 1996.

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232.081 is seen at Weißwasser station undergoing a test run between Görlitz and Cottbus, piloting 232 on RB5362 the 11:58 ex Görlitz service train. The loco still needs finishing touches to the paintwork. An experimental radio arial has been fitted to the roof of the loco. Seen on Friday 24 May 1996.

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232.264 departs from Spremberg on RB3171 a Cottbus to Ortrand regional train. This loco is one of a couple of Locos fitted with a remote wagon discharge system for working with special coal trains in this area of Germany. This loco is pictured on Friday 24 May 1996.

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234.304 is seen at Dresden Hbf on a local train towards Görlitz. the loco is unique in the pale green livery, and is on the rear of the train working in push-pull mode. One of over 700 class 232 Locos a number being re-built as class 234, and upgraded for 140km/h running. Picture taken on 27 April 1995.

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132.414 is seen arriving in West Germany at the border station of Helmstedt with express train, D346 from Berlin. The heavy weight train of about thirteen carriages was running strengthened because of a bank holiday weekend. The loco returned to Berlin with a 118.726 as a "pilot" loco off a relief train, on train D345 to Berlin, working in tandem with the 118. Photo taken on 27th October 1984.

db232610.jpg (58376 bytes) 232.610 is seen at Jüterbog station with the afternoon Leipzig to Potsdam (Berlin) cross country train. The loco is in the very dark "Dark Chocolate" livery. On the other end of the train is 232.002, having just powered the train from Leipzig. The train will reverse later, and 232.610 will be on the rear. Photo taken on 1 May 1995.
db232bfo2.jpg (70562 bytes) 232.353, 232.603 and 232.350 are parked up on the turntable at Frankfurt (Oder) depot on Saturday 13th March 1999. All are in versions of "new red" livery, one in "neu-rot" and two in "verkerhsrot" livery. All three Locos are normally found on freight duties in the Berlin area.

Kolomna's at night

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132.009 is seen at Gera with train 6032, a late evening stopping service to Erfurt. One of the very early built Kolomna's, and one of the huge order of 709 identical Loco’s delivered to the DR. Photo taken on 17th November 1990.

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132.014 at Erfurt on train 6503, an early morning stopper heading towards Bebra. The 132 is in a very grubby and worn condition, a large number of very early numbered 132's were based in the Erfurt area. Photo taken on 23rd February 1991

dr132091.jpg (55566 bytes) 132.091 and 132.277 at Plauen with a northbound local train 5686. The 132 worked as far as Reichenbach where electric traction will take over. Photo taken on 1st December 1990.
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132.182 at Plauen with a northbound local train 5651 to Zwickau, note the very old van and first coach on the train. The 132 worked as far as Reichenbach where electric traction took over. Photo taken on 1st December 1990.

dr132468.jpg (39426 bytes) 132.468 at Kassel with the eastbound overnight to Cottbus, one of the many new trains that was introduced with the unification of east and west Germany. This train was very lightly used, and was discontinued after only a few months. Photo taken on 17th June 1990.

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