GE Locomotives in Australasia


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The only AC6000's outside the USA are the eight run by BHP Iron Ore in the Pilbara region. BHP are currently running 3 trains daily to Yandi, at 220 cars long, a train requires 3 AC6000 Loco's. 6077 and 6076 with 110 cars. Wednesday, 29/12/1999. Yandi 1 Loadout 0630 Hrs. Richard Montgomery. More  on TOAD'S PILBARA RAILWAY PAGE'S

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An elderly Dash 7 is seen on an Ore train with an M636 ALCO in the lash-up. 5513 is a rebuilt of an ALCO, note the round fuel tanks an older trucks. Since arrival of the AC6000's this has seen the demise of the old Dash 7's that run on the Yarrie line, with Dash 8's now operating these services. Kevin Dunk

mnm5630m.jpg (45075 bytes) Mount Newman mining Dash-7 5630 "Zeus" is a 1988 built CM39-8 GE, built by Goninan in Perth. Later upgraded to a CM40-8. Note the square fuel tanks indicating a newly built Loco, rather than a rebuild. Kevin Dunk
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Hamersley Iron's Dash 8 Loco's 7090 and 7089, two of twenty nine new CW44-9's delivered from the US in early 1995. Seen at HI's Yandicoogina Yard (445Km from Dampier), awaiting there next banking run. 03/06/99. Richard Montgomery

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HI 7084 and 7089 are seen with a loaded 200 car train 70km from Dampier. 18/12/99. Note the "teardrop" windows, giving the Loco an EMD designed cab appearance. Richard Montgomery

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Three C36-7 Locos were bought in 1978. Built by Goninan (NSW). With the recent introduction of the 70 class, all have been sold to America. Gary Lamb

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National Rail NR17 is seen with a sister Loco. Classified as Cv40-9I, the 120 big GE's operate throughout the standard gauge lines. Regular passenger trains hauled by NR class are the "Ghan" and Indian Pacific. Stanley J Mitchell

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A number of NR's are painted in different liveries, here Green NR 54 leads 6WP2 (Wollongong to Perth Steel train from BHP). Barry Breen

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Westrail P2013+DB1593 head a bauxite train past Jarrahdale on 8/1/93, seen in the original orange livery. Peter Attenborough from the Mainliners site.

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The seventeen introduced from 1989-1991, the P Class is a Co-Co configuration, of 2500hp, powered by a GE FDL-12 engine, with a sort of full width nose. They are used only on freight services on Westrail lines.

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The 14 EL class CM30-8 were built by Goninan (NSW) from mid 1990, a lightweight 114 ton Loco, capable of 96mph for express work. Recently out of use after GSR took over AN operations. However now returning to service under new private operators and open access. EL51+EL58 are seen at Alymerton on 13 December 1999. Photo Graham Cotterall, Mainliners site.

an-el57b.jpg (79553 bytes) Recently painted in CFCL's new blue livery, and re-geared for heavier freight work, EL57 and EL63 are at Gladstone prior to returning to Port Adelaide. Picture from Motive Power magazine, taken on September 14 1999 by Jason Ferguson
qld-1150.jpg (19443 bytes) Originally the 1210 class, entered service in late 1952, a Co-Co wheel arrangement. The class was powered by a Cooper-Bessemer FVL-12-T four stroke engine of 1100 bhp with a tractive effort of 31.000 lbs. Total weight of each unit is 88ton (90T). Photo G.Lythall off ARHS pages.
qld-1179.jpg (19935 bytes) Walkers built 1179 entered service in late 1957 and was in retired 1988 after 1,443,620 km. Today it is preserved by ARHSQ at the Rosewood Railway Museum and is shown here freshly painted and restored. Photo G.Lythall off ARHS pages.
qr-2609.jpg (66363 bytes) A broadside shot of U22C 2609 at Pring. Picture taken in May 2000, shortly before arrival of new GM's on the line. David Rowe
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The 13 U22C 2600 class, built in 1982/4 are used almost exclusively for the Newlands and Collinsville coal mines, and are based at Pring, near Bowen. However are soon to be displaced by new 4000 class GM's. They may be rebuilt soon in a similar fashion to the 2300 GM class, for use on the Mt Isa line. 2605, 2603 and 2609 seen at Colinsville. David Rowe

qr-2606.jpg (117971 bytes) GE-licensee Goninan is rebuilding the U22C locomotives built by them in 1983/84. Now classified as model C22-MMi, weight has been increased from 97.6 tonnes to as much as 112.3 tonnes by the addition of ballast to the frame, and length has been increased from 18.984 metres to 19.302 metres by fitting heavier drawgear. The original horsepower rating of 2200hp from the 7FDL12 engine has been retained. Prototype 2606 was completed in July 2000, and ran a test on the Mt.Isa line from Charters Towers to Woldston on Wednesday 12 July. The 1923 tonne load included Goninan-GE 2808 and twenty-seven wagons loaded with Mt.Isa copper concentrate. The train is shown in the attached image near Mingela (between Charters Towers and Townsville). Scott Jesser
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Forty 2800 CM30-8's were ordered in 1995 after it was decided not to extend electrification north to Townsville (a second order of 10 Locos followed). Working freight and passenger services on the Rockhampton - Cairns and Townsville - Mount Isa routes. They can also be seen between Rockhampton and Brisbane. They are based at Stuart, near Townsville. The Loco's are heavily silenced! Alfred Lauschke

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Six 43 class (model UM-118T, built 1956 by Goninan) were used in New South Wales on the main passenger services, latterly they spent most of their time on the "Short North" to Newcastle, as well as the North Coast and North-west, and were based at Broadmeadow. By the 1970's, reliability was beginning to be a bit of a problem, as well as a lack of spare parts for the 244 series engines. 4306 is preserved. Brad Peadon

New Zealand

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The six DH class Locos are UM10 "Cats", they were purchased as heavy shunting locos, but saw occasional service on the Auckland suburban services. All have now been modified with shunters refuges and generally operate with remote control as shunters in Auckland and Mt Maunganui. 2851 is at Auckland on 29/3/93 with train to Henderson. 

nz-dh2845.jpg (34745 bytes) Tranz Rail DH2845 in new blue / grey livery. Photo Geoff Blackmore
nz-dx2615.jpg (46895 bytes) 2615 and a sister is seen in the old livery, and with the original windows clearly seen on the front view. Photo taken very soon after delivery of the Locos in New Zealand. Picture by Dave Simpson.
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5379 is seen in the modified condition, note the ugly central window, this was a modification when single manning was applied to improve visibility for drivers. Seen on the "Tranz Alpine" between Greymouth - Christchurch on 20/3/93 at Arthur's Pass.

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A number of DX's have be modified as "Tunnel motors", designed to be an improved version for working heavy coal trains through tunnels. The air intake in made from a lower level. 5327+5206 leading an empty coal train at Mount White Bridge on the Midland Line. 12/4/2000 David Rowe

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A number of DX's have be modified as "Tunnel motors", designed to be an improved version for working heavy coal trains through tunnels. The air intake in made from a lower level. 5402 at Middleton Yard, Christchurch. 9/4/2000 David Rowe

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Tranz Rail operate a fleet of U26C Locos, 47 currently in service used on all routes, and equally at home on freight or passenger. 5310 is seen after repair from accident damage. It has a newer designed long hood.

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DXR 8007 was ex DX 5362 (ex 2633) was been rebuilt in 1993 with upgraded engine, electrics and cab, and is now rated at 3300 hp. This was the prototype of a class upgrade, but no others have followed, although some have been up rated to 3000 hp without the cab rebuild. Seen in Middleton Yard in Christchurch. Wednesday, 5-4-2000 David Rowe

dxr8007br.jpg (93149 bytes) DXR 8007 is seen north of Wellington on the evening "Capital Connection" to Palmerston North, note the ex British Rail mk II carriages on the train. (Apologies, I lost details of photographer, if it was you please tell me, so I can credit you).