GE Locomotives in Africa


alg-dj25.jpg (68186 bytes) An order of 25 U18C's were supplied to SNCFA in 1976. Numbered as 060-DJ-1 - 060-DJ-25, builders numbers of 41741-41765. Fitted with 7-FDL-8 engine of 1980hp. Standard gauge, C-C Locos. Front and side view. Photo by GE.
alg-dj25r.jpg (67135 bytes) Rear three quarter view of the same Loco. Algeria runs large numbers of GM built Locos, this small order of GE's has not been repeated. No info on where the Locos can be found is known.


angola-ge.jpg (7819 bytes) A U20C belonging to C.F. de Luanda, one of forty such examples built between 1967 and 1972 for this company.
cfb-d101.jpg (13407 bytes) An unidentified U20C, seen in Brasil after completion and shipment to C.F. de Benguela. A batch of twelve U20C's were built in 1982 in Brasil. All previous 22 examples of this class being built at Eire.


bot-bd002.jpg (101551 bytes) Botswana UM22C BD-002 is seen in Germany, after being built by the Krupp factory in Essen. One of 12 such Locos built 1981. Believed to be later re-numbered into the 101-112 series. Narrow gauge (1.067m), C-C, fitted with 7FDL12 engine, 2140hp. Built with builders numbers 5520-5531.
bot-bd001.jpg (118381 bytes) Botswana UM22C B-D.001, later renumbered to B-D.101 is seen at is seen here at Bulawayo, with enginemen's van in tow, in July 1985. The locomotive has just brought in the Johannesburg mail train, built by Krupp 5520-5531 in 1982 (1640 kW FDL7 V-12). Photo by Jean Dulez, with permission from "Locomotives of Zimbabwe and Botswana" (available through The aluminum cab side plates 80xx were purely for NRZ computer database purposes during the period when maintenance and repairs were carried out at Bulawayo. Status (old No/1992 No): BD.002/102 Badly damaged after head-on with NRZ DE.6 No 1600, Artesia,4.1985. Rebuilt by ZECO. Further accident damage. Written off 1995? BD.007/101 Severe accident damage. Written off 1995?
bot-bd341.jpg (62005 bytes) Brazilian-built U15C No BD.341 is pictured leaving Lobatse on the southbound stopping train in December 1994. This service operated all the way from Bulawayo to Mafikeng. One of ten built by GE do Brasil (2501337-346) of 1991, (GE 1125 kW FDL8 V-8E). Photo by Jean Dulez, with permission from "Locomotives of Zimbabwe and Botswana" (available through


Photo needed Gabon operates twelve UM22C's of 2335hp. Supplied in two orders in 1977 and 1984. The Locos are based in the Port of Owendo. For freight service, lumber and iron ore and they were still running in late 2000.

CNRL 11 & 12 for Gabon, were seen at Newport News,VA 3/6/97-Green body, orange stripe and white letters. 11 b/n 40017 11/74 built as ATSF 8773 to 9545 to NRE to CNRL, 12 b/n 40029 1/75 built as ATSF 8785 to 9552 to NRE to CNRL.
May 2000, According to reliable sources, the following C30-7s are being loaded aboard a ship at Norfolk's Lamberts Point Docks for shipment to Gabon for the Trans Gabonis RR: They are painted blue and yellow and arrived late last week.  Any further information is appreciated, including what were CC1-CC12?  
CC13 ex FAIX 3606 exx CRL 517 nee ATSF 8034
CC14           3610           563            8023
CC15           3615           568            8096
CC16           3612           565            8046
CC17           3611           564            8026

Other News: In the take over from OCTRA, Trans Gabonais took ownership of  20 or 22 GE U22 of which only 6 are operational and 2 GE U30C-7 and awaiting to take delivery of 4ea pre-owned GE's U30C-7. I do know that a mining company utilizing Trans Gabonais track have 9 immaculately maintained GE U30.

Special thanks to Romic Marc Rail for the supply of the photos of CC13 in Montreal


kr-9308.jpg (30116 bytes) 9301 and later 9401 class - don't seem to be specific, either type work on the following expresses - Nairobi - Mombasa and Voi - Taveta. The local commuter trains to Nairobi from Ruiru and Kahawa are normally GE powered. 9308 is seen at Mombasa on 1900 to Nairobi on 10/2/00 Neil Robinson
kr-9408.jpg (28838 bytes) KR 9408 2/3/00 at Nairobi shed after working 0620 Ruiru - Nairobi commuter train Neil Robinson
kr9310.jpg (44946 bytes) 9310, one 26 U26C's built under works numbers 41812-41837 in 1977. Fitted with the  7FDL12 engine of 2610hp. 1.000m gauge, C-C wheel arrangement. 9310 is seen at Nairobi after arrival with train D02, 16.50 Malaba - Nairobi (Load 7). Loco is based at Nairobi Changamwe Diesel Depot. Photo taken on 2 March 1998 by Dave Craik 
kr9406.jpg (49320 bytes) 9406, one 10 U26C's built under works numbers 45374-45383 in February 1987. Fitted with the  7FDL12 engine of 2610hp. 1.000m gauge, C-C wheel arrangement. 9406 and a sister loco in Nairobi freight yard (adjacent to Nairobi station). Train is a container train bound for Mombasa docks. Photo taken on 27 February 1998 by Dave Craik
kr9509.jpg (37884 bytes) 9509 arrives at Nairobi with train from Mombasa. Kenyan Railways has 10 Class 95 (currently stored?) which are Class 34's leased from Spoornet. Photo taken on 27 February 1998 by Dave Craik


cfm-u20.jpg (30254 bytes) One of a batch of ten U20's built by GE do Brasil. The locos are waiting for shipment at GE factory in Campinas in 1984/85. Sergio Martire
U20C D-89 is seen at Zimpinga on the line from Beira - Machipanda. Photo by J. Ignacio Campo


sa32001.jpg (16782 bytes) SAR 32-001, and so the class leader of SAR's 32-000 class of GE U18C1 models.  It is on display, on a short length of isolated track, and in good external condition, in front of the railway station at Windhoek, Namibia. Steve Palmano
fca-2674.jpg (38709 bytes) Former South African / Namibian U20C sold to Brasil. Seen in Ferrocarril Centro Atlantico livery. Since moved to the south of Brasil, and working for ALL. Photo was taken in Belo Horizonte, Eldorado yard in December 1998. Sergio Martire
nam-u20.jpg (66988 bytes) NamRail, the new name for TransNamib, has rationalized its diesel fleet to 41 locomotives, mostly dated ex-SAR U20Cs as well as a couple of even earlier U20C1 types.  Other units have been sold to Brazil and Sudan.  A refurbishment program is resulting in some of the wrecked locomotives being shopped.  The 400 series numbering is now being changed to a 500 series.  The 33 prefix from South African Railways ownership has long been dropped.  The U20C1 locos entered service on the SAR from General Electric USA in 1966 and the U20Cs were built in South Africa between 1968-70. Picture shows two GE's on a Karasburg - Windoek express in September 1999. Karl W Koch, in Fern Express magazine 65.
nam32209b.jpg (268063 bytes) Ex Namibian U20 32.209 at Durban, bound for Sudan. Picture taken June 2001 by Terry Hutson
nam32209a.jpg (260436 bytes) Ex Namibian U20 32.209 at Durban, bound for Sudan. Picture taken June 2001 by Terry Hutson

South Africa

sa-d723.jpg (47384 bytes) The class 31's were formerly Class 1-DE, the forty five Locos were numbered in the D-700 - D-744 series. They were the first of the SAR's diesel electric locomotives delivered by GE during 1958, type U12B rated as 1320hp.
sa32george.jpg (56548 bytes) 115 U18C1's were built from 1959-61, numbered as 32001-32115, 2150hp. The only class 32000 locomotives still in service are used by Transnet Heritage Foundation and can be seen at Voorbaai. They are often used to haul excursions. David Guelpa
sa33514voorbay.jpg (57257 bytes) 125 U20C's were built from 1969. Still used in parts of the Northern Transvaal, Northern Cape and Cape Midlands. Also used for passenger services from Hartenbos to Oudtshoorn and Hartenbos to Riversdale. David Guelpa
sa34052.jpg (35203 bytes) No fewer than 255 U26C's were built, from 1962 onwards. 34.052 is at Bloemfontein on the "Amatola" overnight train to East London, having taken over from an electric which worked in from Johannesburg. Picture by Chris Guntripp 
sa34oudtshoorn.jpg (70871 bytes) Widely spread throughout South Africa. Work passenger trains from Krugersdorp to Mafeking and Kimberley to Mafeking, Bloemfontein to Kimberley, Kimberley to De Aar, Empangeni through Swaziland to Maputo. Two Diesels on a Mosselbay to Port Elizabeth passenger at Oudtshoorn March 2000. David Guelpa
sa34blue.jpg (53804 bytes) 34900’s are also used on the Blue Train between Kimberley and De Aar. Port Elizabeth to Cape Town. The Orange Express near Spytfontein March 2000, hauled by 34.929 and a sister Loco. David Guelpa
sa34925.jpg (39879 bytes) 34.925+924 at Beaconsfield depot, Kimberley. The Diesels are used on the 234km Diesel section of the "Blue Train" between Kimberley and De Aar. Picture by Chris Guntripp
sa34903.jpg (31411 bytes) 34.903 passes Orange River on a freight. On the Diesel section between Kimberley and De Aar. Picture by Chris Guntripp
sa35479.jpg (25923 bytes) 100 U15C's were built from 1974. Widely spread over SA and working most branch lines. Work passenger train duties from Pietermaritzburg to Kokstad and Franklin to Matatiele. Also work the weekly passenger train between Bloemfontein and Zastron. Sterkstrrrom to Maclear and East London to Umtata. Picture shows 35.479 passes Sannaspos on a freight. Picture by Chris Guntripp
sa-36062.jpg (43663 bytes) 124 SG10's were built from 1975-81, fitted with an 7-FDL8 engine. They are based as follows: Bellville 36.001-035, Bloemfontein 36.036/37, 36.061-070, Port Elizabeth 36.038-060 and Germiston 36.071-36.124. This photo was taken in July 99 at Bloemfontein loco sheds. David Guelpa
sar91001.jpg (40488 bytes) 91001 (610mm gauge) Bo-Bo (UM6B), 700 hp, built 1973. Pic at Humewood Road Depot, Port Elizabeth. Photo Dave Craik
sa91013.jpg (52330 bytes)

Twenty narrow gauge (610mm) UM6B's of 700 hp (Cat D-379 engine) were imported in late 1973. 91013 is seen at Port Elizabeth (Humewood Road). David Guelpa

sa_d10_Douglas2.jpg (134844 bytes) Former SAR 34.429, now Douglas Colliery D10. Photo Dave Craik


sud-1700.jpg (49915 bytes) Sudan Railways U15C class leader 1700, one of the ten built in mid 1975. Fitted with 7 FDL 8 engine of 1650 horse power, narrow gauge, 1.067m, A1A-A1A arrangement. Photo taken by GE.
sud-1712.jpg (109101 bytes)

Sudan Railways U15 A1A-A1A 1712, built in 1981, one of a repeat order of ten U15's. Photo taken at Sennar Junction, by John Cummings

sud-1800.jpg (108040 bytes)

Sudan Railways UM22C class leader 1800, is seen in a sorry state, stripped of many parts. One of twenty such double cabbed GE's built in early 1976. Fitted 7 FDL 12 engine of 2335 horse power, narrow gauge, 1.067m, C-C arrangement. Photo taken at Atbara, February 1983, by John Cummings

sud-1816.jpg (62293 bytes)

UM22C 1816 seen in service, note the air filter arrangement on the roof, and also the extended "shades" over the front windows. Photo taken by John Cummings


tu-ge405.jpg (60019 bytes)

GE-405, a small General Electric Bo-Bo switcher is seen on the depot as Sfax. All of the small class of GE U6B Locomotives are used in the Sfax area. They send their life shunting phosphate and other freight wagons. Picture taken on Saturday 28th November 1998.

sntdj122a.jpg (72317 bytes)

040-DJ-122 is one of tree standard gauge U6B's built in 1977. Seen on train 1/29, the 1820 Tunis Ville to Bizerte on 19 June 2000, departing from Sidi Othman station. Until recently Loco hauled trains were quite rare on this line, and DJ's were very rare on passenger trains. Picture by Damian Clement

sntdj125a.jpg (63364 bytes)

040-DJ-125 is one of six narrow gauge U6B's built in 1977. Seen light engine at Metlaoui on 16th June 2000. The yards here are extremely busy with Phosphate traffic from local mines, loaded trains go to Gafsa, Sfax and Gannouch (Gábes) via the cross country freight only line. Picture by Damian Clement

sntdm255.jpg (52280 bytes) 040-DM-255 is seen arriving at Selja with the "Red Lizard" tourist train from Metlaoui. The train runs most days. DM-255 is fitted with an auxiliary power supply for lighting on the train. And is painted in the matching maroon livery. Seen on 26th November 1998.
sntdm271.jpg (76379 bytes)

040-DM-271 is one of the batch of ten standard gauge U10B's supplied by GE in late 1982. Seen on 17 June 2000 at Jedeida with train 1/13, the 1155 Tunis Ville to Bizerte. Picture by Damian Clement

pdgge102.jpg (51529 bytes)

GE102, one of the first batch of five U6B's supplied to Phosphates de Gafsa in early 1976. Used for shunting phosphate wagons around the mines located in the south of the country. Seen at Selja on 26th November 1998.

pdg-ge115.jpg (58756 bytes)

Phosphates de Gafsa U10B GE-115 is seen on 16 June 2000 at Metlaoui, ready to take an empty set of wagons back to the local phosphate mine, probably a second Loco on rear pushing as well. Picture by Damian Clement

tu-dn305.jpg (54756 bytes)

060-DN-305, one of twenty U22C's at Selja with a loaded phosphate train ready to start on the fifteen kilometre downhill journey to Metlaoui in southern Tunisia. The train passes through the spectacular Copper Canyon route. At Metlaoui the train had a crew change then continued north to Gafsa, where it then traveled over the freight only line to Gannouch. (Gannouch is the location of freight yards, just north of Gábes). 26th November 1998.

tu-dn315.jpg (65979 bytes)

U22C Loco 060-DN-315 of 2500hp is seen as a reserve engine at Beja, half way along the standard gauge line from Tunis-Ville - Ghardimaou. Of the twenty U22C’s that were built for Tunisia in 1981, five are used on the standard gauge lines and the others are used on the narrow gauge lines. Picture taken on January 24th 1994.


tzr-1001.jpg (65251 bytes) TAZARA, German built U30 Loco DE1001 is seen in Germany before delivery.
tzr-u30.jpg (42052 bytes)

TAZARA, German built U30 Loco DE1004 is seen on display at Hannover during a trade exhibition, before delivery. All main line (trains 1, 2, 3, and 4) and stoppers on main line and Kidatu branch are DE1001 worked.

taz-1014.jpg (52784 bytes)

TAZARA DE1014, the last of the German (Krupp) built Locos at Dar Es Salaam on 22/2/00 with 1559 to New Kapiri Mposhi. Neil Robinson


One of the fifty U15 supplied to SNCZ (Congo au Katanga) between 1971 and 1974.


zr0032.jpg (32392 bytes)

O-032, one of the second order of 23 U20C's built in 1971 is seen at Victoria Falls on a freight. Picture by Chris Guntripp

zr0303.jpg (53429 bytes)

Zambian Railways U15C 0.303, Co-Co seen at Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) in Dec. 1993. One of 12 such Locos, built under order numbers 39554-39565. Fitted with eight cylinder FDL engine of 1650hp. 1.067m gauge, built 8-9/74. Photo Dave Craik


nrz1608.jpg (77259 bytes) Zimbabwe U20C 1608 Co-Co seen at Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) in Dec. 1993. One of 10 such Locos, built under order numbers 36042-36051 . Fitted with twelve cylinder FDL engine of 2150hp. 1.067m gauge, built 8/66. Photo Dave Craik
nrz1902.jpg (43139 bytes) Dr9 1902 one of the first order of twenty U10B's, built by Babcock & Wilcox in Spain. Built in 1972 for Rhodesian Railways. Works numbers 1053-1072, fitted with Cat D398 engine of 870hp. Narrow gauge, 1067m, B-B. Photo Dave Craik
nrz1921.jpg (44523 bytes)

Dr9 1921 and another Loco at Harare. One of the second order of 44 U11B's, built by Babcock & Wilcox in Spain. Built in 1973 for Rhodesian Railways. Picture by Chris Guntripp